There is no doubt that many people considering moving to a Retirement Village are absolutely bamboozled by the financial model that is usually employed. This can create uncertainty, suspicion, and procrastination. Worse still, it often means that people finish up committing to other forms of accommodation that ultimately prove unsatisfactory as they age. This might [...]


When Should You Move to Retirement Living?


It’s the old “how long is a piece of string” question. Everyone and every circumstance is different. What is without question though is the fact that most people that do make the move will say; “I wish we had of done this sooner”! There is no doubt that making the move earlier rather than later [...]

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Retirement Living And The Family


We all know what a big decision it is to “up traps” from the family home and move into a Retirement Village. We also know that a lot of people, particularly members of your family, will have opinions and comments they will want to air. Many of these comments may be negative as in the [...]

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Deferred Management or Exit Fees


Probably the most talked about, and most misunderstood issue when considering a move to a Retirement Village, is the Deferred Management Fee (DMF). Unfortunately, it is also quite often the reason that many older Australians finish up making the wrong decision in regard to accommodation for their latter years. There is no denying that a [...]

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Downsizing for Retirement Living


I know. The mere thought of packing up your belongings is enough to give you a headache. Not to mention the emotional trauma of leaving the family home, that you’ve probably lived in for many years. But you’ve made the right decision, and now you’re looking forward to the beginning of the rest of your [...]

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Calling all Sydney based retirees: should you go village, resort or downsize?


Sydney based retirees are demanding a lot more from their retirement living options – and Albury based Hume Retirement Resort (HRR) are working overtime to ensure all their wishes are being met… “We believe we offer Albury’s best lifestyle for the over 55s, either retired or still working and we know you’ll agree once you’ve [...]

Calling all Sydney based retirees: should you go village, resort or downsize?2019-02-11T09:26:05+10:00

Tips to help seniors stay hydrated in the summer heat


The wise man who observed, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine”, knew what he was talking about all those years ago. Modern science has confirmed that a simple way to help safeguard your health is to drink plenty of water. Though important advice to follow year-round, it’s particularly so during the hot, [...]

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The Australian Retirees Camping Guide for First Timers


This Blog is written for 60 to 90 years-old retiree adventurers who have never been camping. You can either lead the adventure yourself or enrol a confident grandchild to take charge! Don’t worry if you’ve never been camping. Someone in your family will have tried camping even if it’s one of your youngest grandchildren. Camping [...]

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Retirement Villages are Approaching Capacity in Australia


Where will our Seniors Live in the Future? Occupancy of retirement villages in Australia is close to capacity, highlighting the forthcoming shortage of age appropriate housing for senior Australians in their local communities, according to the latest annual data published by the Property Council of Australia. The results of the annual PwC/Property Council Retirement Census [...]

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Round One of the Inter-Village Bowls Competition


Monday 29 October was a perfect day weather wise for the opening round of the Inter Village Bowls Competition held at the Hume Retirement Resort. Despite the perfect weather and great company, we were sadly not successful on the links! Hume fielded two teams of four bowlers but were soundly defeated by both Gateway and [...]

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