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Retirement Living And The Family

We all know what a big decision it is to “up traps” from the family home and move into a Retirement Village. We also know that a lot of people, particularly members of your family, will have opinions and comments they will want to air.

Many of these comments may be negative as in the following examples.

  • “You’re too young to move into a retirement village”.
  • “How can you sell the home we grew up in?”
  • “It doesn’t stack up financially”.
  • “You’ll lose your independence”.
  • “Where does it leave us when you die?”
  • “What about the grandchildren? They won’t be able to stay with you anymore”.
  • “You’ll have to get rid of the dog”.

The list goes on and on but now it is time to think of the lifestyle you want as you age.

Sure, there are better financial strategies than buying into a Retirement Village. So if you’re aim is to leave the largest inheritance possible to your family then perhaps you should tough it out in the family home.

However, if you think you’ve earned the right to live a lifestyle that offers safety, security and companionship as you age, then it is time you considered Retirement Village Living.

Oh, and by the way, you can bring the dog with you, the grandkids can stay over, and you’ll gain greater independence. As for being too young let’s be honest, you’re the best judge as to when the time is right.

And finally an oft heard quote of Retirement Village Residents – “We wish we had of made the move sooner!”

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