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When Should You Move to Retirement Living?

It’s the old “how long is a piece of string” question. Everyone and every circumstance is different.

What is without question though is the fact that most people that do make the move will say; “I wish we had of done this sooner”!

There is no doubt that making the move earlier rather than later is a great idea. It allows you to really enjoy your second shot at life with no worries about mowing lawns, gardening, property maintenance, security or companionship.

You’ll be “free as a bird” and evidence suggests that a move to retirement living most often translates to an improvement in your health and well- being.

So what’s stopping you?

For those that are holding off because the Real Estate Market has taken a downturn and their home is not worth as much as it was 2 years ago, then consider this.

You’ve likely owned your home for many years, perhaps 40 years or more and during that time it has grown in value exponentially. If you like, it has already provided for your retirement so why wait around to pick up the perceived losses of the last few years!

In a Real Estate career spanning four decades there were two questions that always came up.

When should I sell?

When should I buy?

Guess what. The answer is the same to both. When you feel you are ready. Don’t try and second guess the market!

Above all, you need to remember that a move to Retirement Living is an investment in the rest of your life. The financial aspects will look after themselves and in any case, they may well be outside your control.


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