Why buy into a Retirement Village?

Wouldn’t you be better off financially if you remained in the general community and watched the value of your home increase over the years? Quite possibly, but to what purpose? So that your children can receive a larger inheritance when you die?

Whilst a number of Retirement Villages perform quite reasonably, in a financial sense they will never compete with the general Real Estate Market.

But of course that is not what they are about.

Retirement Villages are there to provide a safe, comfortable and affordable lifestyle for people as they age and that is their prime focus.

Your accommodation and the provision of facilities is financed in such a way that once you pay your initial Entry Payment your only ongoing costs are a monthly service fee or recurrent charge and this is generally a very affordable amount equivalent to approximately 20% to 25% of the Single Age Pension.

In general it is a pretty good deal but let’s forget finances for a moment and address the things that really matter as you get older:  Security, Community and Companionship.

In a Retirement Village you are living with like-minded people of similar age who have lived through the same period you have lived through. Everyone understands how joints ache, mobility lessens and memories start to fade and you are accepted for who you are.

If you are living in the general community you will be surrounded by all sorts of people who will likely have little regard, concern or interest in you. You could end up stuck on your own little island in a house that doesn’t suit your needs as you age.

Often entry to a Retirement Village is as a couple but we all know that this can change in an instant. Imagine then, when the worst happens, how much easier it will be for the surviving party with the physical and emotional support of a caring and understanding community. The alternative of being stuck in a large lonely home with nothing but grief and memories for company doesn’t bare thinking about.

There is no doubt that making the decision to move to a Retirement Village is difficult. If you still have good health you think you are invincible and way too young to make the move. If your health is starting to fade the decision to make the move is so much easier but unfortunately you’ve probably missed many years of a fun filled and care free lifestyle.

Talk to a Retirement Village resident and it’s likely they will say “I wish I had of made the move earlier”!

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