Living in Retirement – Community or Village?

At Hume Retirement Resort we are confident that we can not only provide a fantastic lifestyle but we can guarantee it will be a whole lot cheaper than living in the general residential community.

As you can see in the table below, the recurrent charge in our village covers a lot of the things you would have to pay for in the general community. In fact, the only things you will have to pay extra for are your contents insurance, phone, internet, gas and electricity (we also have a great deal on this).

Of course, you are required to pay a Deferred Management Fee when you vacate (roughly equivalent to the rent you would pay over the period for a similar house in the general community) however, this can be largely offset by the fact that you retain 100% of any Capital Gain (the difference between what you paid to enter the village and what the next resident pays).

We are confident that we offer a very good deal at Hume Retirement Resort and we are happy to talk through the figures and answer questions at any time.


But let’s not lose sight of the fact that the most important aspect of life at Hume Retirement Resort is the sense of community and belonging in a safe and secure environment.

If you would like to know more call Kelvin Gilder on (02) 60258409 or email


Council Rates$2,200.00Nil
Water Rates$800.00Nil
Building Insurance ($350,000) $800.00Nil
Contents Insurance ($120,000) $250.00$250.00
Lawn mowing (20 services @ $35.00)$700.00Nil
Gardening (8 services @ $45.00)$360.00Nil
Home Maintenance$5,000.00Nil
Pool Membership (2 adults)$500.00Nil
Gym Membership (2 adults)$1,200.00Nil
Lawn Bowls Membership (1 adult)$150.00Nil
Recurrent Charge ($394.90 pm)Nil$4,738.00
Total per annum$11,960.00$4,988.00
Weekly cost$230.00$95.92




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