A move to Retirement Village Living is a big decision and let’s face it, it will most likely be one of the last major decisions you will make in regard to your accommodation.

So you need to get it right in order to enjoy a safe, secure and comfortable lifestyle as you age.

Here are a few things we think you should consider as you investigate your Retirement Living Options.

Think Accessibility

This is absolutely critical! The home you buy must be designed to allow you to age i.e. designed so as your mobility decreases you’re not faced with the cost of expensive renovations or the prospect of having to move to alternate accommodation. At Hume Retirement Resort all our homes are on level blocks and are designed to disability standard.

Don’t Downsize Too Far

Whilst you may well be looking forward to the process of downsizing you shouldn’t take that idea too far. You’ll still want to have friends and family stay so we suggest you select a three bedroom home with a roomy open plan and the provision of two toilets.

Go For the Double Garage

You might only have one car but don’t fall for the trap of buying a home with a single garage. Select a home with a full size double garage which will allow you plenty of storage room, a workshop area and a spot for visitors to park their car.

You Can Have a Private Garden

Privacy. Most villages in the district do not offer this most basic of human rights. Step out your back door and you are immediately on show. At Hume Retirement Resort all our homes have private, fully fenced rear yards complete with pergola.

Think Security

You need to know that when you go to bed at night you won’t be disturbed by those intent on criminal activity. Hume Retirement Resort is a gated community requiring codes for entry after the gates close of an evening.

You Deserve Modern Design

You’ll want to be proud of the place you will call home and the less it looks like an outdated image of a “retirement village” the better. At Hume Retirement Resort our layout and streetscapes give the impression of an affluent suburb.

…And a Modern Kitchen

You might be downsizing but we’re sure you’ll still want to be cooking and entertaining your friends. As such, a light, spacious and modern kitchen is a must.


It is said that the three most important things in real estate are Position! Position! Position! We agree and we are pleased to say that we are not “stuck out in the sticks” but instead centrally located only minutes from two major shopping centres, doctors, hospitals, public transport and the airport.

The Grounds are all yours!

If you enjoy gardening you’ll still want to have a good “potter around” in your new environment. At Hume Retirement Resort we do all the lawn mowing and gardening but we’re more than happy for our residents to have a go too.

We Love Pets Too

We know what comfort and enjoyment having a pet can mean. Your small dog or cat is as welcome as you are at Hume Retirement Resort.

If you would like a glimpse of what retirement living is like at Hume Retirement Resort why not go to our website www.humeretirementresort.com.au or for further information phone Kelvin Gilder on (02) 60258409



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