Not really something you wish to contemplate, particularly if you’re about to join us at Hume Retirement Resort. However, the time will ultimately come when you permanently vacate your home and it is important that you understand the process that will take place when you do so.

Why leave?

It goes without saying that there are only three ways you would permanently vacate your home and they are by choice, by death or because you have to move to Aged Care accommodation.

In all the above instances the possession of your home reverts to the Operator.

Moving on

Should you be leaving by choice you can liaise with the Operator regarding the price you would like to try and achieve for the re-leasing of the home. Whatever price is achieved (New Entry Payment) you will receive this amount less the Deferred Management Fee, selling costs and legal costs as detailed in your contract.

Passing on

If you have died, we will liaise with the people authorised to deal with your Estate and follow the same process as above depositing funds received on re-leasing, less costs, as directed.

Needing more assistance

If you are vacating as a consequence of moving to Aged Care the same process again applies however, the NSW Retirement Villages Act adds a little bit of surety and comfort to what is a big move in your life.

It is called the Aged Care Rule and it provides for our financial assistance, if deemed to be required, to ensure that you can move straight to your Aged Care placement without delay.

Simply put, if you do not have sufficient funds to make full payment to your Aged Care provider as a result of your funds being tied up in your home, you can apply for us to pay your daily accommodation charge on your behalf pending the re-leasing of your home.

When we receive the New Entry Payment from the incoming resident we will deduct our fees as per your contract together with funds paid by us to your Aged Care provider and account to you for the balance as directed.

For further information on this subject you can contact Kelvin Gilder on (02)60258409 or email sales@humeretirementresort.com.au or go to the NSW Fair Trading website www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au



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