The Positive Effects of Gardening on Health and Wellbeing

When it comes to staying healthy and well we tend to think of visiting the doctor for a check-up and a prescription for something to make us feel better.

Recent medical research however has highlighted the positive effects of gardening on health and wellbeing and across the country GP’s are starting to prescribe gardening as a method to alleviate physical ailments such as: diabetes, high blood pressure and mental health conditions including dementia and anxiety.

This research report published this year by the Kings Fund and the UK National Gardening Society indicates a 19% reduction in anxiety in people that spent time in the outdoors compared to a seven-fold increase in people that didn’t.

Many of our residents at the Hume Retirement Resort have enjoyed gardening in the past and still do. Our homes all have gardens as a gentle walk around our retirement resort will show any visitor. Our residents have found that getting involved and working in their garden has led to many friendships, ideas and health recipes over the years.

For new residents our message is: “You don’t need a huge garden, just let your imagination take over, add some comfortable seating and you’re away!”

The benefits of being outdoors include: tranquillity, mindfulness, social engagement, physical and mental activity and the promotion of better sleep.

So if you’re wondering what to do with a bit of free time, and the sun is out, even just a little, we recommend you chose to spend it outside in your garden.

Happy Gardening to all our residents!



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