Should I consider adventure travel in my 80s and beyond!

Adventurous and curious travellers shouldn’t pack away their maps and walking shoes just because they’re getting older. Wanting to discover more about the world doesn’t stop when you get older, it just means you go about it in new ways.

A significant part of your next ‘overseas adventure’ will be the flight itself. Be clear and open with the airline about your needs. Explain in detail your mobility limitations and mention any aides you will need to pack with you.

On the flight itself, it’s best to avoid alcohol and sleeping pills. Instead, commit to move as much as you can. Drink plenty of water and undertake regular leg exercises. QANTAS has provided a great guide to healthy flying here.

An aisle seat is a great option because it enables you to walk up and down the aisles and stretch your legs. If you are at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), consider wearing compression socks. Your GP can help you to arrange this.

It can be helpful to understand and anticipate potential health issues, and know how to manage them so they have minimal impact on your travelling. Remember, age doesn’t have to be a barrier if you are fit and healthy! Know your abilities, as well as your limitations. And take them seriously.

Be mindful of how you are treating yourself in the lead up. For instance, eat well. You might like to familiarise with the cuisine of your chosen destination! This is always a fun way to prepare. Consider travelling in a group with similar ages and interests. Also, it can be helpful to travel with a companion, especially if you have mobility issues.

Travel insurance for seniors is a must for any overseas holiday. Many insurance companies have experience with travellers aged over 80. Speak to your travel provider or a trusted agent about your options.

Okay, so your next steps? Number one, of course, is to consult your bucket list. Where are the places you have been dreaming of visiting for as long as you can remember? Or the far-flung destinations that hold memories for you? Perhaps you are looking to revisit sentimental cities. Or you might want to learn more about a culture that interests you. Once you have identified the places you wish to visit, start researching! Head to the library, search the internet.

Finally make sure you capture all the memories of your adventure trip with words and photographs to share with your family and friends when you get home.



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