Calling all Sydney based retirees: should you go village, resort or downsize?

Sydney based retirees are demanding a lot more from their retirement living options – and Albury based Hume Retirement Resort (HRR) are working overtime to ensure all their wishes are being met…

“We believe we offer Albury’s best lifestyle for the over 55s, either retired or still working and we know you’ll agree once you’ve come for a visit”. Explains HRR Sales Manager Kelvin Gilder.

“With the way prices have gone in Sydney over the past few years, you may be sitting on a home that’s worth $2-$3 million; and moving to a regional area like Albury, and cashing in on the fact that you can buy a luxurious detached 3-bedroom villa from just $389,000 leaves Sydney-siders ticking all the affordable lifestyle boxes.”

Kelvin says there are now also greater financial incentives for older people to downsize and not have to worry about losing superannuation or pension benefits. It is a particularly attractive option for a generation who are asset-rich, having ‘built up a lot of wealth’ in the family home. Read Kelvin’s full article: What am I buying when I purchase a home in a Retirement Village?

“It allows them to have a lifestyle where they don’t have to look after the big family home”, he explains. “They can just lock up the villa, go on holidays and not have to worry about the garden. There is a remarkable low-maintenance aspect that allows them to enjoy their lives and have a great time”.

Forward Planning

As with all such major decisions, even if you decide to stay in the family home, planning is essential. Your choices of accommodation in retirement are mainly based on personal preferences but finances will have a big impact, so:

  • Know what your financial needs will be.
  • Check your superannuation (or pension) to see what income it will generate.
  • Talk to a qualified financial adviser.
  • Enjoy your retirement!


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