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Frequently Asked Questions

 Hume Retirement Resort

Who owns Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Coral Rain Pty Ltd is a privately owned Company. The two owner/directors are Mr George Fendyk and Mr David Legge. These two owners have extensive experience in property development and David Legge has 25 years’ experience in the Retirement Village Industry. Our sister village at Lilydale in Melbourne already has some 200 plus Residents in occupation.


What different types of accommodation are available at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom independent living homes with single and double garages. They all offer superb accommodation including a modern kitchen, separate dining area, living room, tiled bathroom with shower, laundry, second toilet, built-in robes, heating and air-conditioning and a lock-up single or double garage with remote control.

 Home Purchase

Who can enter into an Agreement to purchase a home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Any person who is over the age of 55 and capable of being fully self-sufficient.


Do I need to be retired to reside at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort? 

No – feel free to continue to work if that is your preference.

 Upfront Costs

What upfront costs will be incurred when purchasing a home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort? 

There are no stamp duty costs associated with entering into an Agreement to purchase at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort – amounting to a considerable saving.

You will incur some of the normal costs associated with moving, namely:

  • Your Solicitor’s fees incurred in receiving the Sale Document
  • Carrier and furniture removal charges
  • Connection fee for telephone

It is recommended that you seek your Solicitor’s advice to understand the Purchase Agreement and to ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions required to be agreed to as part of your purchase decisions. When choosing a Legal Advisor, we recommend you ensure that he or she is conversant with Retirement Villages and the NSW Retirement Villages Act 1999.

 Home Options

What payment is required to place an Option (reservation) on a home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort? 

For a ‘Yet to be built’ 2, 3 or 4 Bedroom Home a 10% Deposit is required.
The option enables you time to sell your home or organize your personal situation so you can comfortably move forward to your new life at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort, knowing that your new home is secured for you during this time.


What measures are taken to ensure that Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort is safe and secure?

The access gates close automatically at specified times each night and open each morning for community access.

 My Say

Do I have a say in what goes on at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

You certainly do have a say in what goes on in, and around Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort.

A Resident Committee, elected by the residents will be established and will meet monthly to discuss issues of relevance to all residents. The Committee will have regular meetings with the Village Manager, and act in an advisory capacity on matters relating to the management and day to day activities of Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort.

You also have other rights under relevant State Government Legislation, which provide an independent avenue for resolution of complaints or problems.


Are residents allowed to keep pets?

Yes, approved pets are allowed at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort and covered by specific requirements for pet owners.


What happens if I want to travel?

You are free to come and go as you please, everything will be taken care of for you. However, service fees will continue via direct debit.

Public Transport

Is there public transport nearby?

There is a bus stop opposite the Glenroy Primary School in Burrows Road. The Village Manager has a bus timetable to assist you. The trip is approximately 10 minutes to the shops.

 Full Title

Do I have full title to my home and what happens if Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort is sold to another organization? 

When becoming a resident of Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort, you will be granted a Licence to occupy your home and contractual rights under your Loan Licence Agreement, which is registered with the Government.

The Operator of a licensed based village is the party bound to provide the Services, facilities and maintenance and the rights and obligations of Residents are clearly set out in the Agreement and cannot be changed without your consent, even if the Operator or Owner of Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort changes.

 Home Chattels

What chattels come with my home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Your home comes complete with light fittings, wall oven, cook top, heating and cooling split system (1 Unit) in addition to other fixtures and fittings as outlined in your Disclosure Documents.

Home Additions

Can alterations or additions be made to my home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

To preserve the ambience of the Resort for all residents, any alterations or additions need the Management Company’s prior written approval.

 Service Fee

How is the Service Fee set and what does it cover?

Service Fees are charged to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the services and facilities that you will enjoy at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort, and to provide funds to cover long-term repairs and maintenance works. The Service Fee may only be adjusted in accordance with the NSW Retirement Villages Act 1999, and we will endeavour to keep the increase to no more than the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Part of the Service Fee is a Contribution towards Local Council Rates on your home. This will be increased in line with Council Rates increases.

The Service Fee covers, but is not limited to: maintenance of the common garden areas and sporting facilities such as the bowling green and swimming pool, operating costs of the recreation areas, community centre and village bus, external maintenance and repairs to communal buildings and the homes, public lighting, comprehensive insurance policies (for communal areas only), rates and taxes applicable to the village and administration and operational staffing costs.


What facilities are available at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Community Centre – building currently being renovated.
Stage One – New Lounge, Games/Billiards Room, Pool and Spa, Craft Room, Men’s Shed Workshop and Lawn Bowling Green.
Stage Two – New Gym, Community Bus and New Function/Games Room.

 Medical Facilities

What medical facilities are available at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort will have a Consulting Suite available in the Community Centre for visiting medical professionals who will be encouraged to visit on set days.

Another important service is our 24 hour Emergency Call System which is installed in every home and operated through the residents’ telephone. Emergency response is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any medical emergency.


Can residents have family or friends stay with them at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Yes, of course. You just need to advise the Village Manager if you are having overnight guests – this is simply for security and safety reasons.

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you at any time and they are also welcome to use the facilities at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort as long as a resident accompanies them.

Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort is your home and we encourage you to use it that way.


What activities will Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort arrange?

Initial activities include Happy Hour and informal social gatherings, with support from the Village Manager, as well as, Tai Chi, Carpet Bowles, Mahjong, Table Tennis and Water Aerobic Classes in the Heated Pool.

As Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort matures, many more activities may be incorporated through the interests and involvement of incoming residents.

You are completely free to retain any interests and activities in which you are already involved, or to take advantage of anything that appeals to you at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort. The choice is always yours.

 Village Bus

Is there a village bus?

We now have a village bus and it will make weekly trips to local shopping centres and/or other places of interest, as well as other outings where demand exists.

Lease Options

ay I lease out my home at Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort?

Yes under conditions set out by Management.

Leaving the Resort

What happens if I wish to leave Country Estate Retirement Resort?

If you wish to leave Hume Country Estate Retirement Resort for any reason, your Agreement will be terminated and a new resident will be sought.

Your home will be re-sold for you at the agreed market value at the time of re-sale. The sale price will be paid to you or to whoever you direct us to pay it to less the Deferred Management Fee (DMF), resale fee, refurbishment costs, and other charges as set out in your Agreement.

 Departing Fees

How is my in-going fee returned to me on the sale of my home?

When the Agreement is terminated, your home will be sold at the agreed market value at the time of re-licence.

You will receive the new sale price, including the full amount of any capital gain (less selling expenses including a re-sale fee of 2.5% of the new sale price), the Deferred Management Fee and any refurbishment costs and other costs as set out in your Agreement.

 Deferred Fees

What is the Deferred Management Fee?

The Deferred Management Fee is the return to the Owner for the investment the Company has made in establishing the Village, providing the infrastructure such as roads, community centre, recreational and social facilities.

It is essentially a delay in payment of the true market price by the resident until they leave the Village. Delaying the fee until leaving allows the resident access to more of their funds earlier, to finance their lifestyle, rather than committing all their funds to provide for their accommodation.

 Standard Fees

The Standard Deferred Management Fee is calculated as follows:

If a Resident decides to leave within the 1st year the Deferment Fee Is calculated at 9%. This rate increases at 3% per year after that up to 9 years until it reaches a maximum of 33% and then no further increases.

There will be occasions when this Deferred Management Fee Structure may be changed by mutual agreement between the Resort Owners and future Purchasers.

Benefits and Costs

Benefits and Cost of Loan Lease Vs. Strata Title:


A Strata Title is a Legal Document that identifies a particular property such that an individual or other legal entity can clearly establish rights of ownership and registered by the Government as is your lease. In itself the title has no value. This same purpose can be achieved with total security by a formal contract. In fact when a resident buys a home in a retirement village, the title he or she receives has a contract attached.

When purchasing a home in a retirement village the most important document is the contract, as this is the document that defines the rights of ownership that apply to the property in question.

A Lease or Loan Lease is simply an alternative legal document to a title. It can have exactly the same effect if the contract that it is attached to is the same as the contract attached to a title. Contract law is the oldest and most basic law in our legal system and to challenge the basic laws of contract would be to challenge the principles of private property that our society is based upon.

In addition to the normal legal rights pertaining to titles and contracts, retirement village residents are protected by the Retirement Villages Act. This Act ensures that an owner or operator of a Retirement Village cannot do anything that would lead to a resident losing their home. Further, this legislation also ensures that the owner of the Village cannot mortgage or encumber the property in any way that would remove the right of residents to occupy or dispose of their home under the terms of the management contract.


The major benefit of the loan/lease structure is that there is no GST on the monthly fees. In a Strata Titled Village residents must pay GST on their monthly fees, and this ongoing cost will be indefinite. This means that for exactly the same services, they will pay 10% more fees than an equivalent loan/lease village.

In addition, with a Strata Titled village, residents must pay GST on the first time sale of the homes. While this cost is built into the price, it is a cost that must be passed on to the purchaser.

Stamp Duty:

If the Retirement Village home is occupied under a loan lease agreement, there is no stamp duty payable on the sale of the home. Once again this saves the resident many thousands of dollars.